Agroturistic farm Rozalinowo

… It’s fun to be here!

In our house you will feel the magic of nature combined with delicious board: a thick slice of our own bread, a clean lake, the beach, bikes, a boat, walking… peace and quiet!

Our house is situated in a beautiful corner of Poland called by some people “little Masuria” (Polish: “małe Mazury”) – a natural region famous for its 113 lakes. Location near a very picturesque stream (150 meters) debouching to Foluskie Lake (first water quality class) redounds to the existence of a wonderful aroma of a pine forest that has healthy and pine-scented impact on everyone.

An beach (200 meters), our own small bridge (100 meters) and the pine forest allow you and your family to relax in peace and quiet.

And to sightseeing: Biskupin, Wenecja, Żnin …